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Published Oct 18, 20
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Snowplough/ Snowplow The placement that the skis are in when the front tips are close together, and the backs are additional apart, making an upside down "V" form. See the Snowplough web page. Ollie A jump/hop that can be done on the flat. The skier/boarders weight is thrown to the back of the skis/board to make sure that the skis/board bend as well as the nose enters the air.

See the Jumping web page. Downhill Ski The ski that is on the downhill side as you cross an incline (Snow Gaper). Uphill Ski The ski that is on the uphill side as you cross a slope. Outdoors ski The ski that gets on the outside of a turn. Inside Ski The ski on the within a turn. Gaper’s article about walkie talkies

Uphill Edge The edge of a ski that is on the uphill side of an incline, when a ski is aiming at least partially across an incline. Downhill Side The edge of a ski that is on the downhill side of a slope, when a ski is directing at least partially across an incline (Snow Gaper).

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Leading Edge The side on a ski or snowboard that remains in front with respect to the instructions of travel. Trailing Edge The edge on a ski or snowboard that goes to the back with regard to the instructions of traveling. Skier A person that skis. Snowboarder/ Boarder/ Motorcyclist Somebody who snowboards.

Freeriders Skiers or snowboarders that spend the majority of their time riding piste or powder, with tools better matched to this type of riding. Slalom A race where the skiers have to make relatively little turns, to experience a program. The entrances are marked by pairs of flex poles, which are in between 4 and also 6 metres apart.

75 - 1m apart, and hold-up entrances 12 - 18m apart). Programs commonly cover a 180 to 220 metre vertical decline. Gigantic Slalom A race where skiers need to make turns about twice as large as in a slalom race. The gates are noted by pairs of 2 gateway poles with a gate panel between them.

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Training courses generally cover a 250 to 450 metre upright decrease. Super-G A race where the skiers make extremely big rapid turns through a course. The entrances are noted by pairs of two gate posts with an entrance panel in between them. The gateways are between 6 as well as 8 metres wide for open gateways, and also in between 8 and 12 metres wide for upright entrances, with the transforming poles of each collection of entrances at the very least 25 metres apart.

Downhill The fastest of the races where skiers take virtually the fastest course down a hill. The gateways are noted by sets of two entrance poles with a gate panel in between them. The gateways go to the very least 8 metres wide, yet there are no collection regulations for just how far apart each collection of gateways should be besides their placing must manage speed before challenging areas or dives.

Entrance The flags or posts that define a race course. FIS The Fdration Internationale de Ski (International Ski Federation). FIS is the highest possible regulating body for skiing and snowboarding, and also sets the international competition guidelines. For more details on ski devices, please see the Ski Tools area. Edges The metal disrobe the sides of skis as well as snowboards, that reduced right into the snow providing us our control.

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P-Tex A polyethylene plastic that is made use of to make the bases of skis as well as snowboard. It can can be found in different grades, and also can additionally be combined with various other products like graphite, to have various residential properties. It is the P-Tex that you thaw wax right into to make skis as well as snowboards move even more easily and quicker.

WaxSpecial wax is related to all-time low of skis as well as snowboards to make them have less friction with the snow, and also slide much more quickly (go url). See the Ski Building web page. Binding The mechanism that connects the ski boot to the ski. See the Ski Bindings web page. Hubbubs The stress setting on bindings that will identify how quickly they will certainly release a ski boot.

Sidecut The shape of the side of a ski. A ski with suggestions a great deal bigger than the middle of the ski, has a huge sidecut, whereas a ski with a similar width along its size, has a tiny sidecut. See the Skis web page. Sidecut Radius The radius of the curve on the edge of a ski.